Dental Chair Guide: History & How to Choose

A Dental chair takes a significant position in dental practice. A best dental chair not only could let the patients comfortably get the therapy, but also provides great help to the dentist in the dental practice. Today, I will give you a complete guide to the dental chair unit. 

Who Invented the Modern Dental Chair?

It is not a surprise that the invention of a dental chair is so long, dating back to ancient Egypt. However, the first modified dental chair was initially invented by Dr. Josiah Flagg in 1790, an American dentist. After that, in 1871, a famous dental equipment supplier firstly invented a complete metal chair which the dentists are allowed to use a crank to adjust.

In 1940, the dental chair developed into a chair with air pressure, a spittoon, and an x-ray viewer. After 20 years later, a dental chair with a back that dentists could adjust to a prone position was invented by Dr. Naughton. Not to exaggeration to say, this is the milestone of the modern dental chair. Until today, This initial design reigns supreme.

Why Choosing A Great Dental Chair is Important?

Do you know that a dental patient spends 95% of their visit lying on the dental chair, not to mention how long the dentists spend on the dental chair. Therefore, the first benefit of choosing a great dental is it good for our dental patients.

●Patient: First, a comfortable dental chair could relieve a part of the nervousness of the dental patient. Second, if the dental chair is reclined by 20 degrees, it could release pressure on a spine by 40%. That means it could also reduce dental patient stress.

●Dentist: Can you imagine that the dentist needs to keep looking into the patient’s mouth for more than half an hour for the dental surgery, and have to use various dental tools to handle the procedure. Therefore, when a dentist makes the dental practice with the easy and convenient dental chair delivery system, he/she could more focus on the dentist's procedure, even improve the efficiency with a dental unit foot pedal.

How to Choose a Good Dental Chair?

As above mentioned, a good dental chair provides both benefits to dental patients and dentists. Therefore, we need to buy high-quality dental chairs for our clinics. But how can I buy a good dental chair? Only if you follow these principles, you could finally get the best dental chair.


Comfort is the core of a good dental chair. Out of this consideration, before buying a dental chair, you could lie on the dental chair, feel the dental chair headrest pillow, and then, sit on the dentist's stool to feel the comfort of the dental chair.


Appearance is the second factor that needs to take into account in the purchasing of a dental chair. A white dental chair could be a popular type of dental chair. If you have hesitation on the appearance of the dental chair, it could be your ideal choice. As for the black dental chair, it is not easy to reflect the timeworn of the chair, as time goes by.


The durability of a dental chair determines the service life of the chair and other units, such as dental chair valves, dental chair foot control, and others. Therefore, it is very important to find reliable and trustworthy dental chair manufacturers.


All in all, if you want to get the best dental chair price, you need to directly purchase it from a trustworthy dental chair factory. If you simply want to get a cheap dental chair, regardless of functions, you have to clearly understand the dental chair price significantly decides the quality and function of the chair.