What is the use of dental chair?

A good dental chair is also vital to how well a dental team can do their job. The dental chair can have a variety of accessories, either on the chair itself or on the dental drilling machine including spitting basin, suction tube, pneumatic tube that provides power for various equipment used in cleaning and surgery, etc. Integral dental unit are affixed with various parts and components that will help make any dental procedure smoother and more efficient. In this article, we will walk through what is the use of dental unit.

Functions of dental chair:
The components of dental unit are fashioned in such a way to deliver comfort, convenience, and functionality to the patient, the dentist, and the overall dental procedure.

1. Dental light

The operator light is used to illuminate the oral cavity or mouth of the patient sitting on the dental chair.  Lights contain dimmer switches to adjust the intensity of light.

2. Dental Chair Controls:

The control buttons are used for movement of the dental chair upside or downwards, according to the convenience of the clinician.

3. Spittoon Bowl

A bowl or basin-like receptacle for the patient to spit saliva from the mouth during dental procedures. It is provided with a water pipe supply to clean the bowl and push them toward the drain.

4.Air-Water Syringe

It is a dental chair device that supplies a focused stream of compressed air, water, or a combination of both. It is frequently used to clean a tooth surface during dental treatment.

5.Dental Chair Foot Pedal

Foot control is used by the dentist when both of his/her hands are engaged. It contains the same operating buttons as the manual one.

6.Cup Holder

Every dental chair has a cup holder. Disposable cups are primarily used for patients to take in water, gargle it, and then spit it out into a spittoon bowl.


Dentistry is the center of all clinical activities. The various parts of a modern dental chair are designed to be functional and convenient for both the dentist and the patient. Anye is committed to the production of dental chairs. The design and design concept of “people-oriented” dental chairs are mainly designed in terms of convenience, comfort, safety, and health. For all your medical and dental supply requirements, please call us today or contact us through our website.