Is It Necessary for Kids Unit?

Kids Unit is a full-cartoon chair treatment especially designed for children according to market demand. It makes full use of ergonomics to meet the clinical professional needs of dentists and provide children with a relaxed and happy environment.
kids unit

Kids Unit: A design that can relieve tension

As the saying goes: turn pale at the mere mention of a tiger. When it comes to dentists, not to mention children, even adults are very scared. The unfamiliar environment, huge medical equipment, and the smell of hospitals will increase the psychological burden on children. They may even cry and do not cooperate with treatment, which not only delays the consultation time but also brings inconvenience to the doctor's work.

Nowadays, there are more and more dental diseases, and many parents will take their children to check their teeth or undergo treatment on a regular basis. The regular dental check can effectively protect the health of teeth. It is an indispensable link in the growth of children and is valued by most parents.

According to children’s lively and active psychological characteristics, this kind of Kids Unit breaks the traditional design thinking in terms of design and integrates animation elements into the appearance of children's dental treatment chairs. The overall shape is particularly and full of childishness, which makes children divert attention. It can reduce the psychological burden and ease the tension when children are treated, making the treatment more relaxed and comfortable.

All in all, routine dental equipment is too large for children, and a relatively childlike Kids Unit is still necessary.
children chair

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The impact of Kids Unit in treatment

  ● Divert attention so that children can better cooperate with treatment.
  ● Conducive to the dentist's examination and reduce the time for consultation.
  ● Reduce psychological burden and ease tension.
  ● Children Unit is close to the height of children, which is conducive to children getting up and down.
  ● Bring a relatively comfortable treatment experience to children, which is conducive to follow-up and other treatments.

Warm tips

Although the Kids Unit specially designed for children is conducive to the smooth progress of the entire treatment process, it is important to prevent problems before they occur. Whether it is a child or an adult, daily dental care is particularly important. We should develop a good habit of brushing teeth and gargle frequently, to better protect our teeth.


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