What are the Parts of A Dental Rehabilitation Chair?

The realm of dental care has evolved exponentially, encompassing innovative technologies and specialized units to ensure comprehensive treatment. One such integral part of modern dentistry is the Dental Rehabilitation Unit (DRU).In this post, the author would give a full introduction to the dental rehabilitation chair.

What is A Dental Rehabilitation Chair?

The dental rehabilitation chair is one of the latest dental chairs in dentistry, specially designed for patients who have high requirements in mobility, comfort, and safety. The dental rehabilitation chair adopts the latest technology and the most thoughtful design concepts, so this type of dental chair benefit the dentists and patients a lot.

What are the Parts of A Dental Rehabilitation Chair?

The dental rehabilitation chair you described is a comprehensive system designed to optimize the dentist's workflow while ensuring patient comfort and safety. Here's a more detailed breakdown of its components:

Multi-Function Operation Panel

Featuring 18 control keys, this panel streamlines various chair adjustments and settings. It includes memory presets for nine chair positions, making it easy to switch between patient preferences. Additionally, it offers quick adjustments to common working positions and spitting functions, significantly enhancing the dentist's efficiency.

Mobile Tool Tray

This tray provides flexibility and convenience during procedures. It includes a rotatable and retractable mobile phone holder to prevent damage, while the stainless steel handle ensures easy cleaning and disinfection.

Phlegm Flushing and Water Supply System

Designed for hygiene and infection control, this system incorporates a nozzle positioned above the spittoon tank to prevent cross-contamination. The detachable water supply base facilitates effortless cleaning.

White and Yellow LED Operating Lamp

Equipped with Philips LED technology, this lamp offers high-quality illumination. It includes four white LEDs and four filtered white LEDs, with adjustable brightness (ranging from <8,000 to >30,000 lumens) and color temperature (5000k±10%) for precise and comfortable lighting during procedures.

Adjustable and Comfortable Headrest

The curved, adjustable headrest prioritizes patient comfort and stability. It prevents head movement during procedures and allows customization at multiple angles for optimal support.

Fixed Frame

The frame's adjustability ensures compatibility with various wheelchair sizes, providing accessibility and accommodation for different patient needs.

Multifunctional Pedal

Equipped with a self-locking function, the pedal controls various chair functions, including lifting, backrest adjustment, chip blowing, phlegm flushing, and water supply. Its multifunctionality enhances operational convenience and efficiency.

Where to Buy Rehabilitation Chairs?

You can choose ANYE, a professional manufacturer of the dental rehabilitation chairs. ANYE has several superiorities.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Expertise

ANYE Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd stands out for its exceptional commitment to innovation and quality. With over two decades of specialized experience in manufacturing high-end dental units, ANYE has become a leader in the field. Their ISO13485 and CE certifications attest to their dedication to meeting international quality standards.

Unparalleled Production Technology

ANYE distinguishes itself by maintaining a comprehensive in-house production process. The company oversees every stage, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished dental units. This autonomy allows for stringent quality control and the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology. Notably, ANYE is a pioneer in dental unit automation, employing cutting-edge equipment like the German KUKA manipulator, Han's laser machine, and various advanced automated processing tools. This commitment to innovation positions ANYE as the sole manufacturer in the dental industry specializing in automation, ensuring consistently high-quality products.

Global Recognition and Reach

With an extensive market presence spanning over 70 countries, ANYE's dental units have gained widespread acceptance and appreciation. Dealers benefit from the combination of superior product quality and competitive pricing, providing them with a significant edge in their respective markets.

Exceptional Brand Building

ANYE's dedication extends beyond manufacturing excellence. They are on a mission to build an exceptional brand that is revered both domestically and internationally within the dental industry. This commitment involves a relentless focus on professional technology and unwavering dedication to providing top-tier production services.


In essence, a Dental Rehabilitation Unit serves as the cornerstone of contemporary dental care. Its amalgamation of cutting-edge technology, specialized expertise, and patient-centered care facilitates comprehensive oral rehabilitation. These units stand not just as treatment centers but as pillars of innovation and excellence in ensuring optimal dental health for individuals of all ages.