Why Maintenance of Dental Chair is a must

Dental chair is the workhorse of the dental practice and the unplanned downtime of the dental unit may disrupt the plans of your clinic. Also dental chair is a huge investment of the clinic and it will be costly if some parts of it goes wrong or need to be replaced. It’s far better to prevent than to cure, thus performing a regular and preventative maintenance is imperative to avoid the downtime of the dental units. In this article, we will share a definitive checklist to help you maintain your chair.     

Maintenance of Dental Chair

● In order to avoid blocking of the internal tubing and valve for dental unit, you should use the clear water.
● You should pay attention to the draining sewage, there is moisture in the air, according to the local air humidity, you should drain dirty water once about one month. (When large loadwork, should be half month).
● Dental chair is still the integration stage between machine and motor, so you should lubricate the motor when use it about half year.
● Trying your best to avoid lacerating the cushion by the key or other edge tool of patient.
● Do not use the dental chair in the event of power supply instability, so as not to damage the electronic parts inside of the dental chair.
● In summer, could unplug the water heater in the box ( could consult the local distributor); when it is low temperature below zero in winter, while it is out of work, please blow inside water to be dry, otherwise the water heater may freeze to damage under the very low temperature during the high.
● For the dental unit, after a day of work, must be cut off electricity, broken gas and sanitized.
● Dental lamp -The lamp arm is controlled by the tension spring. Do not pull the lamp head back when it is not working.
Structure of dental chairs for sale in Anye


In addition to the points that we mentioned above, you should follow the instructions of the dental chair and make a regular checklist to guarantee the sufficient maintenance of the dental chair. Also the factors like constant use, cleaning and maintenance frequency should be considered as well.

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