Tips for a Touchless and Safe Dental Treatment

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our public health awareness has greatly improved.  All dental practice staff are equipped with personal protective equipment and follow strict guidelines during the dental treatment to prevent transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19, but some patients may worry about personal security when they prepare to make the dental appointment. In this article, we will tell you some tips for a safe dental treatment through disinfecting your clinic and dental unit.

● Touchless Equipments

“Touchless” has been mentioned frequently and many businesses have adopt touchless equipment to protect the patients from viruses, such as automatic door, sensor light, touchless faucet, touchless trash bin.

● Strict Protocol

To fight the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19 virus, a strict protocol should be followed by both patients and clinic staff. Patients should sign their latest healthy status online, so the clinic can grasp the situation and confirm that whether the dental appointment should cancel or not. Also when the patient come to the clinic, we should check if they wear mask or not and take their temperature. Moreover, hand-washing is needed before they enter the treatment room. Meanwhile, all clinic staff should wear proper personal protective equipment and do the same measure as the patients.

● Intensive cleaning routine

Dental chairs are the most-used items during the dental treatment, so regular cleaning routine of the dental chair is needed.

After each treatment:
1. Cleaning of suction system and spittoon
2. Rinsing of suction tubes and instrument
3. Rinsing of tubes suction system and water supply system
4. Cleaning and disinfecting of handles at dentist element and operating light
5. Cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, instrument tubes and upholstery

Each week or after a long downtime:
Cleaning and disinfecting of water supply system, instrument tubes, suction system and spittoon.

As needed:
1. Changing of amalgam separator
2. Control return air filter of turbine
3. Cleaning or replacing of silicone pads
4. Cleaning and disinfecting of instrument holder
5. Cleaning and disinfecting of cup filler and cup rest

● High quality dental unit is crucial in helping the cleaning and desinfection easier.

1. The lines and textures of our Dental Unit AY-215A3 are remarkably smooth, making it easy to clean.
2. The spittoon is detachable for easy cleaning
3. Touch Screen Control of instrument tray is equipped, and this design reduce the touching,
4. ABS Plastic is easy to clean and the unit will still look as white and shiny after decades of use.

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To protect all patients and staff against viruses, We need to pay a lot of effort, sincerely hope that this article can give you guidance to avoid contagion.

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