What are the parts of dental unit

A dental unit is the crucial work tool of every dental professional. This dental unit consists of specific parts that include the spittoon, junction box, foot pedal, dental chair, aspiration, cuspidor and other elements that we will explain below.

According to the line and the brand of the dental chair, the parts of china dental equipment will be different and will have various dental unit design. In this article, we will show you the parts of dental chair and its features.

Why Dental Equipment Matters to Patients

Patients can understand how the dental equipment elevates the quality of care even though they don't know the functions about the dental unit. All in all, the intelligent dental equipment not only upgrades the existing products, but also creates a new ways to care for the teeth of patients.

If your dental chair is equipped with the leading tools and technology, you can give a comfortable and quick treatment to the patients and create a positive experience. In general, with these upgrated equipment, you can allows dentists to deliver an experience totally unlike what patients are used to, so as to improve brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Moreover, you can enlarge the scope of services and open up new revenue streams with the new equipment.  

What Parts does a Full Dental Unit have

We start with the basics. The dental chair is one of the most important parts of every dental unit, both for the patient and for the dentist. We will take AY-215A3 as an example to illustrate the parts of dental chair.


AY-215A3 China Dental Chair For Sale 

AY-215A3 is made of a fourth-generation high-end professional dental unit based on comfort and technology. The product is designed according to market demand to meet the clinical professional needs of medical staff and provide patients with wide and comfortable seats. It is in line with the ergonomic streamline design, can automatically cooperate with the cushion movement to form an elevation angle, and has a stronger sense of back support. The intimate design of AY-215A3 can bring more comfort to patients.



Key Parts: 


Detachable Spittoon

The spittoon is detachable for easy cleaning, it can be rotated by 90°for patients to spit.



Touch Screen Control of instrument tray

-With Electric dental chair control system
-With 14 control buttons
-3 memories
-One button preset working position which greatly improves the dentist's work efficiency.



White and yellow light LED operating lamp

Philips LED light source. 4 white light emitting diodes (LED) , 4 white light emitting diodes (with filter) dedicated dental lamp, it has a large projection angle,high illumination adjustable from  8,000 to 30,000, infrared sensor switch or touch switch to control stepless dimming, color temperature selection 5000k±10%



Adjustable Comfort Headrest

The adjustable curved headrest is more comfortable than the traditional flat headrest, its prevents the head from shaking and can be adjusted from multiple angles.


Flushing and Water Supply

The water supply nozzle is 2cm higher than the surface of the spittoon cylinder to avoid cross infection caused by water splashing to the water supply nozzle during sputum flushing.



Dentist Stool C

With 360°mute universal wheel which is flexible to move, cushion lifting, backrest pitching. Its provides the dentist with good support for the hips and waist.



Water Storage Bottle

1.5L large capacity water storage bottle, transparent material, water storage is obvious.



Built-in Tissue Box

There is no need to add a tissue box in the side box. The tissue box is located next to the left armrest which is convenient for patients to take out and wipe after spitting.



Rotatable Side Box

The side can be rotated 45°, and the moving range is wide, so it is easy to locate the position needed by the assistant.



Aluminum Cabinet

High strength integral molding, integral casting aluminum, no rust, high hardness, durable, not easy to deformation.



Junction Box

Enclosed power design, according to European safety standards, moisture-proof, dustproof and prevent electromagnetic interference. Its improve the stability and durability of the prower.
With main switch of water, electric and air, the barometer is on the top of the junction box which is convenient for observing the water and air status of the whole machine.



Multifunctional Foot Pedal

The pedals have self-lock function and equipped with control of rise and down, backrest forward and backward, blowing, flushing and water supply, operating lamp on/off and handpiece control.



Cast aluminum lamp holder

Cast aluminum lamp holder, high flexibility, long service life (after 100,000 fatigue tests).



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